Who is Beatrice Ann?

It’s a simple question with a less than simple answer. Beatrice Ann is one entity made up of two minds: Buena Batiste-Webber as the author, and Kenniece Webber as the illustrator. BEATRICE was their grandmother’s middle name and in every way The Chicken and The Egg is an homage to her, a witty and stylish woman with an abiding love for teaching and learning.

This little adventure began as a harmless joke when Buena made a prank call to the children's library in Baton Rouge. As she'd hoped, her sister Kenniece answered the phone.

“Hi, Ma’am. Do you have that book about the chicken and the egg…and the chicken and the egg are standing in line…and they don’t know which one should go first?” 

Kenniece’s first response was uncertain:"I'm sorry ma'am. Can you repeat yourself?" That was until she recognized the suppressed laughter on the other end of the phone. She was getting used to Buena's daily interruptions and silly accents. Her second response was emphatic: “You should write that book.”

So birthed The Chicken and The Egg, an imaginative children’s book series.  At Beatrice Ann, we believe life is an utterly profound joke, a long-winding labyrinth of limericks and riddles. We’d like to invite children on this journey not with a map, but with a lighthearted challenge to think critically and find their own way as they navigate the world of The Chicken and The Egg. Sometimes the question is just as important as the answer.

Buena Batiste-Webber has worked as an actress on stage and film and as a drama teacher in the schools of both New York City and New Orleans, LA—where she has recently relocated. She is a graduate of Columbia University with a degree in Music and Anthropology. While this is her first children’s book, Buena finds writing to be another extension of the storytelling she has done on stage.

Kenniece Webber resides in Baton Rouge, LA where she is an art teacher. She enjoys spending time with her children, Jason and Eden, and sharing her love of art with others. Kenniece attended Iowa State University where she earned a degree in Art & Design.

Join Beatrice Ann as we continue to bring you new adventures in The Chicken and The Egg series. Like you, Chicken and Egg have so many stories left untold. 

So let’s go. 


Laugh. Think. Grow.

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